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Since 1986  in Hong Kong, HONEL has evolved from a small international trading company to today, and we are very grateful to God for giving us everything! We have had the long term business relationship with our partners who have owned the shrimp farms, frozen processing plants, product packaging plants in many countries. The brand “HONEL” of aquatic products have been sold to more than 20 countries and regions around the world, and we have won the trust of our customers!


The high quality aquatic products of the HONEL brand provide a rich array of animal nutrition proteins to consumers around the world. With the most advanced food safety management awareness, we provide safe and reliable health food for our loyal customers.


Please contact us today to order a nutritious HONEL brand of aquatic products from the clean blue ocean.

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Tim Adams 
Vice President
Hong Kong

I am Tim Adams, vice president of Honel Fisheries Group Hong Kong, I had serviced for Honel Fisheries Group for 10 years, I am responsible for purchasing the seafood from south America.

Kim Bailey
VP Marketing

I'm Kim Bailey, VP marketing, I've started to service this position 3 years ago. A good brand product means top quality, the highest standard food safety preventive control, high level management team work and professional services. It's "HONEL".

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Willette M Crawford
Regulatory Adviser

I'm Willette, Food Safety Regulatory Adviser of Honel Fisheries Group USA office, it is my responsible for guarantee our consumers have the safest food beginning the farm to the table 

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Maureen Lawor
VP Accounts

I'm Maureen Lawor, VP Accounts, I know how important for you to keep the healthy cash flow on the business, we can discuss with you any available solution to keeping our business more safe and secure.

1190 Nogoya Way, 

San Pedro, CA 90731

Tel: 626-566-5522

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